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Bisenfan Introduced 120mm x 120mm x 38mm explosion-proof certification EC fan

CFCs in the HCFC refrigerants adopted by cold storage facilities nowadays are gradually being banned or minimized by countries around the world for their destruction of the ozone layer. Instead, an increasing number of cold storage facilities are using freon-free environment-friendly refrigerants. However, most environment-friendly refrigerants are made of Hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons contain an explosion risk and flammability,as a result, when fans are being used in such environments with risk potential, explosion-proof safety is extremely crucial. BISENFAN’s commercial cold storage facility EC fans have been certified by the EU ATEX. They can meet the demands for use safety by commercial cold storage facilities which adopt environment-friendly refrigerants.

BISENFAN, the leader of global fan motors and cooling solutions, is rolling out an ultra-high efficient energy-saving EC fan for commercial cooling storage facilities. This fan,120mm x 120mm x 38mm, is one of the handful of explosion-free EC fans which have been certified by the global rigorous ATEX. A result froma test unit under ATEX directives shows that the BISENFAN explosion fan could effectively control the surface temperature within the range of safety. Moreover, it will not cause any spark due to a short-circuit in the internal parts to prevent any high-temperature source from leading to ignition or explosion. This ensures that the BISENFANexplosion-free EC fan can be designed and used by clientswithout safety concern.

The BISENFAN high-efficiency energy-saving EC fan applies a DC fan motor and speed control function directly to AC power input environment. An EC ultra energy-saving motor saves over 80% energy more than its ordinary AC counterpart, with a low power consumption of merely 4.4W, dust-proof and water-proof IP55 level. Other fans in the same series that offer IP68 highest dust-proof and water proof level are also available. BISENFAN has been perfecting its product quality and commits to environment protection and rigorous safety control. As of yet, we have been certified by EMI/EMC, RoHs, UL, TüV, CE, CCC, etc. All these suggest BISENFAN’s efforts and persistence. We only provide the best products to our clients.

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